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Describing the method

The magneto-inductive

The magneto-inductive method arises in the cableways sector in the first half of the 20th century.

An objective inspection of the rope's inner and outer conditions requires a non-destructive control. Among several technologies, the most popular one is based on the magneto-inductive principle.

Current tools can supply two different signals called “Localized Fault” (LF) and “Loss of Metallic Area” (LMA). The first one gives a qualitative indication of the rope's condition depending on the fault's depth; the second one quantifies the loss of the equivalent area associated with the damage in a proportional way.

UNI ISO 4309:2017

The standard establishes the general principles for the care, maintenance, controls and discard criteria for steel wire ropes in the lifting sector.
The standard accurately describes the possible defects of the ropes and the relative methods to identify them. Among these, the magnetic inductive method is the most recommended for rope internal inspection and the best aid for the visual inspection

The magneto-inductive method is suitable for different sectors and applications

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    Operational Headquarters

    Via Pietro Nenni 79/E
    10036 Settimo Torinese (TO) – ITALY
    T +39 011 0378820
    T +39 011 0378821
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