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Our solutions for

Industrial and offshore good lifting

Permanent installation

The fixed tool monitors the ropes 24/7 preventing breakages and unexpected downtime

Industrial sector

In the industrial sector the rope is usually the core of the productive cycle. Managing its life-cycle is the key to maximize production and safety.


A complex environment where safety and service continuity are imperative.
Our tools are designed to resist in marine environments and to inspect even large diameter ropes at high speed.

Good lifting

In these environments ropes are often covered by a layer of grease that impedes a visual inspection. Moreover, in rotation-resistant ropes most faults develop internally, due to the so-called fretting phenomenon.
MRT tools detect both inner and outer faults, beyond rope's grease, speed and shaping.

Inspecting the rope prevents unexpected breaks, thus it increases the plant safety

The magneto-inductive tool helps you to detect internal breaks and to release an ISO4309-compliant report.

The magneto-inductive tool performs a faster, sharper, fairer and repeatable inspection.

It compares two inspections performed in different moments on the same rope, to show faults' potential evolution.


Our control tools



Device able to perform non-destructive test on metal ropes with diameter ranging from 6 to 170 mm.

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So how do you check your ropes?

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Operational Headquarters

Via Pietro Nenni 79/E
10036 Settimo Torinese (TO) – ITALY
T +39 011 0378820
T +39 011 0378821
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