Rope verifica funi gru


NDT equipment for ropeways and goods lifting

The ROPE device family consists in wide range of detectors, suitable for the test of ropes employed in different areas, such as goods lifting (cranes and hoists) and ropeways (cableways, people movers, … ).
Based on the magneto-inductive principle,
the device is suitable in different sizes, depending on the maximum rope diameter that the detector can control.
The ROPE device allows a safe, reliable and objective control of the rope integrity, by highlighting the presence of internal and external broken wires, wear and corrosion, in according to the UNI ISO 4309 standard.
The devices of the amc rope family are certified in according to the EN 12927-8 regulation.
The detector is wired connected to a record unit (IASH) that allows to acquire, show and store the data in order to give to the operator a complete management of the signals.
Device features:
Weight: 7kg to 34kg
Max n° ropes: 1
Controlled diameters: from 0 mm to 60 mm
Max speed: 8 m/s
Acquisition system: IASH
IASH battery autonomy in continuous operation: 24 hours
Sampling rate per channel: until 20 kS/s
Resolution: 14 bits

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