MRT Magnetic rope testing for elevator

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MRT – Magnetic rope testing for elevator

AMC has developed this Magnetic rope testing device for the elevator industry.
The device developed allow the analysis of systems up to 6 ropes with diameters up to 13 mm.
The distance between the ropes is managed through guidance systems appropriately designed.
The system is equipped with a mobile and easy to use acquisition unit (Datalogger – DLH) that stores the signal for its subsequent analysis.
The instrument allows a simple, rapid and effective non-destructive testing of all ropes simultaneously, highlighting external or internal broken wires, wear and corrosion..

Device features:
Weight: from 2.8kg to 4.8kg
Magnetic field source: Permanent magnets (NdFeB)
Sensor type: Coils / Hall sensor
Measured signal: LF
Single wire break – Functional certificate issued by L.A.T.I.F (Technological Laboratory of Cableway of Trento)

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