AMC Instruments srl is a spin-off of Politecnico di Torino, which designs, manufactures and sells magnetoinductive systems for the detection of defects inside ropes and metal manufactures.


AMC Instruments develops devices for NDT control of wire ropes applied in different sector

NDT wire ropes lift

Elevator industry

Measurement tools FOR small diameter wire ropes and belts with metallic core


Magnetoinductive device for naval sector

Naval Sector

Measurement tools FOR large diameter wire ropes OPERATING IN naval and offshore SECTOR

Device: ROPEX

NDT control of wire ropes

GOODS lifting

Measurement tools FOR METALLIC wire ropes (cranes and hoists)

Device: ROPE

Magnetoinductive device for cableways


Measurement tools dor ropes operating in cableways sector

Device: OPEN



AMC Instruments offers to its customers the rental service of the instrumentation with related training for the use of the magnetoinductive devices.


AMC instruments makes direct non-destructive inspection with its own staff, on wire ropes of elevators, cranes, cable cars, offshore and naval sector


From April 2011 AMC Instruments has been recognized as a technical partner for the qualification of CERTIFIED personnel in NDT Level 1and 2 for wire ropes.

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16th AIPnD Biennial Convention PnD-MD

October 21st-23rd//Atahotel Quark Milan

National Conference about NDT Monitoring Diagnostics Exhibition
AMC Instruments will be there

Amc instruments srl

Registered office: Strada Comunale di Mongreno 20
10132 Torino (Italy)

Amc Instruments srl

Operative office:Via Pietro Nenni 79/E
10036 Settimo Torinese (TO) – Italia

Tel +39 011 0378820 oppure +39 011 0378821
Fax +39 011 19835584

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