AMC Instruments designs, manufactures and sells magnetoinductive systems for the detection of defects inside ropes and metal manufactures.


AMC Instruments develops devices for NDT control of wire ropes applied in different sector

NDT wire ropes lift

Elevator industry

Measurement tools FOR small diameter wire ropes and belts with metallic core


Magnetoinductive device for naval sector

Naval Sector

Measurement tools FOR large diameter wire ropes OPERATING IN naval and offshore SECTOR

Device: ROPEX

NDT control of wire ropes

GOODS lifting

Measurement tools FOR METALLIC wire ropes (cranes and hoists)

Device: ROPE

Magnetoinductive device for cableways


Measurement tools dor ropes operating in cableways sector

Device: OPEN



AMC Instruments offers to its customers the rental service of the instrumentation with related training for the use of the magnetoinductive devices.


AMC instruments makes direct non-destructive inspection with its own staff, on wire ropes of elevators, cranes, cable cars, offshore and naval sector


From April 2011 AMC Instruments has been recognized as a technical partner for the qualification of CERTIFIED personnel in NDT Level 1and 2 for wire ropes.

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Axel Johnson International acquires leader in non-destructive testing of steel wire rope

Axel Johnson International’s Lifting Solutions business group is extending its service offering by acquiring AMC S.R.L, effective Dec 4, 2018. AMC uses advanced sensor technologies to develop products and services for non-destructive testing (NDT) of steel wire ropes. Its global customer base includes two of the main elevator/escalator producers in the world.

Based in Turin, Italy, AMC’s offering is centered around its leading technical expertise in magneto-inductive analysis, built over many years in close cooperation with Polytechnic University of Turin. AMC both sell and rent its products to customers as well as offer related services. Main sectors served are elevators, ropeways and critical steel wire rope applications in industrial settings, such as cranes, heavy lifting and oil & gas.

The acquisition is in line with Lifting Solutions’ increased focus on digital solutions to develop its service offering by adding more expertise and thereby increasing customer value. “AMC’s know-how will further increase the sophistication of our service offering,” says Ralf Wiberg, Managing Director of Lifting Solutions, Axel Johnson International. “Their competence in remote monitoring and advanced sensor technology is highly relevant to our existing business.”

The company was born in 2007 as spin-off from the Polytechnic University of Turin, founded by a team of professors and researchers and employing eight people today. AMC have a leading offering in inspection and analysis of elevator ropes, which recently proved itself as the only reliable way to monitor the latest generation of polymeric coated elevator ropes.

We are looking forward to becoming a part of the Axel Johnson International family,” says Bruno Vusini, Managing Director of AMC. “Lifting Solutions’ strong market position in Europe will open up new opportunities and allow us to further develop our offering and expand into new regions.”

We are very satisfied with this exit, today the most significant for our University. This case represents a best practice in the technology transfer system that involved the Polytechnic at every level. The strategy of the next few years is to support even more innovative startups to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills”, Giuliana Mattiazzo, Vice Rector for Technology Transfer, University, Politecnico di Torino.


For further information, please contact:

Ralf Wiberg, Managing Director of Lifting Solutions, Axel Johnson International,
+35 84 07 66 99 16, ralf.wiberg@axinter.com

Hans Glemstedt, Head of Strategy and M&A, Axel Johnson International,

+46 (0)8 453 77 41, hans.glemstedt@axinter.com


Axel Johnson International is a privately owned Swedish industrial group of more than 100 companies in 25 countries, with combined annual sales of EUR 790 million. Axel Johnson International drives business development and growth through a long-term approach to ownership in strategic niche markets, primarily technical components and solutions for industrial processes. Axel Johnson International is organised in four business groups: Fluid Handling Solutions, Industrial Solutions, Lifting Solutions and Transport Solutions.



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NEW ISO 4309:2017 STANDARD – magnetoinductive method to check the lift sector wire ropes.

On 1st December was published the new ISO4309:2017 standard.

‘Cranes — Wire ropes — Care and maintenance, inspection and discard’ 

The standard ISO 4309:2017  suggests using non destructive (MRT: Magnetic Tope test) methodology to check the lift sector wire ropes, especially for the internal inspection of the rope.

The magneto-inductive methodology, which is used in our systems, is now officially recognized by the standards which defines new discard criteria for non- destructive wire rope test and an example of an MRT report.

Our systems are certified by ISO12927-8, European standard which defines device’s specifics for wire ropes non destructiuve test.


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